Sweet Garden Farm
wool, wood & whatever

We make full use of our sheep here on the farm. The Rambouillet, Rideau-cross, Cheviot and Icelandic animals produce luscious wool which I clean, dye, card and spin. For sale, we have:

  • naturally dyed yarns
  • carded or raw wool
  • knitted  and crocheted clothing

In addition, we have LARGE basswood logs - windfelled - come see what we have when you're in the area.

We have shrubs and small trees available, along with natural stone for landscaping. Locust, sugar maple, oak, raspberry, currant, wild cherry , lilac and more are available now!

Lastly, there are rocks - lots of rocks. They're a nuisance in the field but look good for landscaping - give us a call to come see the pile!

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