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Welcome to Sweet Garden Farm at 6015 Frank Kenny Road Vars, and Redland Orchard at 136 Eadie Rd, North Russell in Ontario.

Right now we are gearing up for something completely new: McCannell Cider is starting this fall!

We have just finished picking our black currants and are getting ready for early apples in mid-August, now grown spray-free at Redland Orchard. The first trial of McCannell Summer Cider is now brewing with fresh-pressed early apples and organic black currants. This trial and a dozen other projects are part of officially setting up our cidery - we are VERY busy!

I will provide more details as we pass various hurdles, but if all goes well, we'll be toasting a new product line in a new space this winter. We will also be selling fresh local apples direct from Redland Orchard on Eadie Rd starting in September 2014 - please call  613-835-4152 for hours.

Since spring of 2008, we have been very busy planting fruit trees, repairing buildings, filling pot holes, building fences and gardens, and raising lots of animals. This year, we are switching it up. It is time to focus our efforts on fruit, so the sheep are gone - there will be no more lamb or beef for sale this year. Thank-you to ALL our wonderful customers who have supported our sheep farm over the years - we have tried to deliver the best possible Ontario lamb and you have made all our work worth-while.

Look for McCannell Cider updates throughout the summer. Apples, pears and black currants from our farm and from Redland Orchard are cultivated the old fashioned way but we are not "certified" organic.

Email sweetgardenfarm@gmail.com or call 613-835-4152 to get more info about any of our products.

Back in 2009, we made the news with an absurdly large chicken egg. Hard to believe but here is one of the numerous articles that ensued: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2009/10/05/ottawa-egg-vars-mccannell.html#socialcomments

Also, we are firmly opposed to a new 400+acre landfill proposed in a forest near Carlsbad Springs. We feel it is important to make careful and wise use of the land not just now but long term. To support our community in opposing this privately-driven project, please visit http://www.dumpthisdump2.ca/.

As with the farm, this website is a work in progress. Please check back regularly for updates and feel free to send us an email. We are looking to learn and love hearing from our customers! NOTE: www.mccannell.com will be launching later this year!

We feel it is a blessing to live here, working in the Sweet Garden.
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